A case study [informed rant] on premature optimization with JavaScript anonymous functions

Premature optimization is one of those mantra phrases in the programming community that gets applied and repeated for a lot of situations. The term itself has been a part of the field longer than most of us, basically ever since Donald E. Knuth wrote:

This 1974 quote is something I wholeheartedly agree with. However, I think a lot of programmers…

How To Determine The Right HTTP Response Code For Various Situations


Intro TL;DR: This post is a collection of a few things I needed to clear up (to myself or others) about HTTP Status Codes while building a RESTful API. It might not make sense for an architectural style that does not rely that much on the HTTP specification.

It is probably safe to say that most (HTTP-based) web applications and services design their server APIs to follow REST guidelines to some extent. The ones that don’t either build their API as exclusively function calls over HTTP (RPCs), or use an architectural style that introduces an extra layer of abstraction that…

Petar Kovačević

Software Engineer 👨‍💻 | Wannabe Writer ✍️ | History Buff 🏺 | Worldbuilder 🌍

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